More than just an official ceremony to join partners, weddings ultimately are a celebration of love. All couples to be wedded want to make a statement, whether grand or simple, and they want their day to be remembered by family and friends for the years to come. Everyone wants a wedding that their guests can look back to and feel excited, inspired, and just giddy with happiness. But how exactly do you create a wedding like that?

Is it in the bride’s dress? The decoration? The food? The venue? While all these factors play important roles in a wedding day’s success, nothing quite brings energy to the people attending it like music. With all the details you have decide and set for the big day, we understand how easy it is to overlook this very important element. Think about it: your guests might forget the embroidery of your wedding dress but not the moment you walk down the aisle. Your guests might not remember the elaborate decorations at the reception but they sure won’t forget when you and your partner dance into the venue. Guests will probably forget what they ate but never how they partied. And what do these memorable experiences all have in common? Yeah, music.

When couples plan weddings and choose bands for the reception, the first option that comes to mind is a traditional wedding band. One that will play all the cheesy ballads that marked important dates in your relationship. There’s nothing wrong with this really especially if this is what you absolutely want. But is this the only choice that you have? No. Now that you know that, envision your wedding again… You can walk into the reception dancing to a different beat, you can have father-daughter dance that everyone could not wait but join, you can have a wedding party that does not end in slow dance…

If this is your thing then you should concentrate your efforts more in finding a fantastic percussionist instead of a run-of-the-mill band. A versatile percussionist and his band should be able to play a wide range of alternative music including Brazilian beats, Latin beats, Afro beats and more in addition to playing traditional music a jazz quartet typically plays.

Alternative drumming is perfect for weddings of couples coming from multi-ethnic backgrounds. Playing music from both sides’ cultures will ensure that both families will have fun on the dance floor. This will also bring a sense of pride to each of the families and really, what better way to welcome others to your clan than with a dance?

Hiring a percussionist for your wedding is not any more difficult than hiring a traditional band. You can use this guide for hiring a wedding musician and once you have narrowed down your choices, don’t forget to ask these questions.

Remember, you can have the wedding that you want –a wedding to remember– and its success lies in the music. So choose your musician well and don’t forget to have a great time!